• Chronicles of Drunagor

    Chronicles of Drunagor

    Chronicles of Drunagor is a Dungeon Crawler
    game for 1-5 players. With unique miniatures
    and innovative mechanics, the strategy mixes
    with immersion and excitement. Will the heroes
    survive the darkness and their lethal monsters?

This world desperately needs heroes, before it’s too late.  It was said that magic would improve and save the people, but they never imagined it would open the dark portals again, leading the world into an Age of Darkness.

  • Play solo or with up to 4 friends in two-hour matches of pure thrill.

  • Face vicious enemies, including gigantic and deadly creatures.

  • Detailed miniatures and an innovative 3D board will greatly increase the player's immersion and possible strategies.

  • Manage your resources to perform devastating attacks with your heroes.

  • Gain XP and unlock new powerful skills.

  • Interact with objects to discover secrets, find treasures or even wake up your evil side.

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This world is in danger and needs your help. Will you be the hero and face this great evil, or leave the world to its fate?