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The Dark Tower Expansion is here!!!

Hey everyone, in order to help unlock the Arkhanos Magic Player Board stretch goal, we have 2 new optional add ons to offer ...

The wicked witch notice that the power of light was growing at the ruins of Gil-Garoth as the towers started going up, and decide to try and stop the magic schools from harvest the magic stones.

THE DARK TOWER is a expansion from "The Towers of Arkhanos" wich add 3 new modes of play: 

  • The SOLO MODE, in wich you try and build the towers before the witch build hers and send her goblins to get in your way;
  • The Witch's game, a new set of rules to play a game of "The Towers of Arkhanos" in a totally different and fun way.
  • And the grand master special ability cards.

Master the Towers and conquer the power!!!

Each new day we are growing thanks to you! We are so appreciative to be here, doing what we love!

We would like to let you know that we are working hard to give you the best deal, low prices and best game experience! 

Spread the word because more backers means more fun surprises!!!!

Mercenaries Mini Expansion UNLOCKED!

Yes, its another achievement for all of us, we are moving forward and adding more fun to our game!

Thank you for supporting, for ideas and for keeping the magic grow!

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Stretch Goal Time...

Thanks to the support of our backers, we are unlocking many stretch goal.

We can guarantee that we have a lot more to come and will just get better!!!

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