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Production Phase and Virtual Demo

Today we want to bring you some good news about the production phase of CoD: AoD and some explanation about the virtual demo of the game announced for


A new step of Production Phase

We're glad to announce that the first part of the Production Phase is now officially done!

This first step consisted of the printing and quality test of all the CoD: AoD miniatures that will be going to your homes are now all done.

All heroes and monsters of Drunagor are now ready to fill the boxes. That takes us to the next step: the boxes!

Continuing our Production Phase, we are now moving to the printing of all graphic elements that compose CoD: AoD and all of its expansions and extras.

That, dear heroes, is a matter of great joy for us. Even with all the Darkness that hit us this year, we are still gladly within our planned schedule. We worked our hardest in order to prevent any delay or bottleneck to hinder the production of CoD: AoD because we know you're as anxious as we are to start playing. And right now, in this phase, it comes as a great reward to find out that we're still on schedule.

Now just to hype you up a little bit, we want to show you the GameTrayz™ storage pieces that will be included in your game boxes. We just received and loved them! We hope you will too. 

Check this short video on our Instagram where our head-designer Daniel explains a little about them.

Storage Trayz


Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness virtual Demo

For our last topic of this update, we'll be talking about the Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness virtual demo that you all expected to find at

Unfortunately, we couldn't deliver a satisfactory working prototype for This happened due to a series of limitations on the official platform used in the event. These limitations made it unfeasible to have an experience close to that of playing the physical CoD: AoD. Mainly because of the lack of three-dimensional support available on this platform.

That's why, to try and make up to all of you that were expecting to play CoD: AoD a little, we developed a new virtual demo on a different platform.

If you have Tabletop Simulator on your Steam account, you can now enjoy playing Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness as much as you want!

To do that, just click HERE, subscribe, download the CoD: AoD mod for Tabletop Simulator and start playing with your friends!

How great is that? Not only you can play CoD: AoD, but you can also invite your friends to play with you from the safety of your own home! We've all been craving some CoD: AoD and playing with friends, right?

Tabletop Simulator Virtual Demo

We hope this demo will keep that anxiety at bay until you receive your games at home. However hard it may be!

Please, keep in mind that this is only a Demo version of what you may expect from CoD: AoD. We didn't want to spoil the fun or the story too much. It is also still being updated and improved as you're reading this. So bear with us for a while. Any feedback regarding the Mod, you may leave them at the Mod's page or email them to us, leave them in the comments below for us to see. Remember that we love to hear what you have to say.

All your favorite heroes are there waiting for you

Are you ready to play? Now is your chance! Go to Steam Workshop, get your CoD: AoD Mod, and test yourself in the battle against the Darkness! We wish you the best of luck.

For now, our dear heroes, we bid you farewell, until we meet again for a new update on Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness

Stay strong, stay safe, and keep fighting the Darkness!


Come meet us and our new project at SPIEL DIGITAL!

We are here today with the latest news for you all CGS and Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness fans: 

CGS has grown!

We now have games for the whole family, and for all ages! Fun games, with CGS creativity and quality. Our goal is to provide entertaining party games for all our costumers! Join us in this new challenge! @fourfungames is a company created to focus on making light, accessible and inclusive games for everyone, so you can enjoy quality boardgaming time with all your friends and family.

Ours first games are already lined up for presentation in Spiel.digitalCandy WarsSleepy Cats, and Spelljack - each one packed with fun and fast gameplay for all ages.

Candy Wars is full of 3D action!
In Candy Wars you have to watch your step

If you want to know more about these and future projects, please, follow us in our social media:

InstagramCGSFour Fun

FacebookCGSFour Fun

"WAIT! But what about Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness?! Will we be able to play it at"

ABSOLUTELY!! We got your back! 

There will be CoD: AoD at! Are you itching to take a closer look at the game? Do you want to get a chance to play it?! Than you must come join us from the 22th to the 25th of October!

Don't let the Darkness win and consume the Web! Join the fray!

We'll be waiting for you, in Daren!

Come fight the Darkness!




Hello explorers,

Tired of dungeon crawlers where you just walk, hit, defeat monsters and collect items? We heard your complaints and designed a surprising and unique twist for you. On CoD, you will be able to not only do all that but much more. You will have total control to interact with the room; you will make decisions that will make a difference at that moment and in your future in the game. Make wise choices, as this can make a total difference between Drunagor's salvation and destruction.

Here are some images of interactions that you will see on CoD. Each of them will bring many options so that you can choose between interacting with objects, helping people, destroying enemies solving mysteries, and more. On CoD, you will be in charge of changing the future!

Welcome to the World of Drunagor.

Chefe Da Guarda
Weapons Table

Great award we got in Europe

Dear visitor,

We are extremely proud to share the news regarding this great award we got in Europe for our latest game Chronicles of Drunagor. We are happy to be here, sharing some of our success with you, our most important fuel! That right, because of you we succeeded and we keep working hard to improve and bring you more fun and intelligent games!
Once again, thank you.

Team CGS


With Great Honor, we are sharing the Seal of Approval of The Dice Tower.


We have been working had to create, to launch, to fulfill and now to maintain the highest standards!


Thank you backer and supporter for allowing us to show what we are capable of.