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Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness production is finished

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February 13, 2021
Greetings, brave heroes of Daren!

It’s probably rather sooner than you were expecting a new update, however, we know that you must be all eager to know the outcome of the shipping situation we mentioned in the previous update. Therefore, regarding the transparency and communication that we did our best to maintain during this whole campaign, we wanted to come here today and share with you the latest news.

As you all know, we had the whole CoD: AoD campaign, including production and shipping already thoroughly planned in December 2019. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t contemplate all the changes the world went through since then due to COVID-19.

Regardless of all the issues that came with it, we never stopped working to assure that the game would be developed, produced, and delivered as we had previously planned. In fact, with all of the social distancing and remote work, we worked even harder as we knew that unforeseen obstacles would appear.

The last bit of all that hard, extra work is what we talked about in the last update: the difficulty of shipping the games out of China in time. What you may not know about it, is that all the costs, including production and logistics, skyrocketed due to all those changes worldwide. Seeing as CoD: AoD is a big game with lots of components, the impact was even greater. In addition to that, China suddenly became a bottleneck regarding shipping, as we mentioned before, as the ships and containers that leave the country, can’t go back due to quarantine, which impacted greatly the shipping offer. The prices rose by alarming almost 5 times what they were in our planning, though this is not an obstacle that will stop us from achieving what we have committed to our community.

Nonetheless, this is not any of our backers’ concerns. We just wanted to explain, again, for the sake of transparency, what the whole process involving the production and shipping of CoD: AoD in these troubled times was.

You trusted us with your expectations and we couldn’t falter when you needed us the most. We did what had to be done, and that’s why we want to inform you that we already managed to get most part of the containers out of China to their destined hubs. Again, due to shipping unavailability, we paid those absurd rates we had to. However, not all the containers were able to leave China yet. Regardless, the production process of the game is completely over and all of the products that were not shipped from China yet, are ready for shipping and will be hitting waters this very month for their destined hubs.

So, yes. The delivery phase of Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness has officially started! We just want to explain that the delivery process is long, and involves the games leaving China > some time in the ocean freight > port clearance at arrival > being sorted out locally in their hubs > and then finally sent by the local post service in every region of the planet. It’s important to notice that due to new waves of COVID-19 and different ports sanitary protocols, port clearance can take longer than expected and this is one step of the whole process which we don’t have control of and can’t precisely foresee.

The most important message here is that: logistics process has already begun, and it’s now a matter of third parties’ deadlines for the games to reach every one of your homes. Which we are already keeping a close eye on and doing our best to speed them up as far as we can. We’ll be with you until you get your CoD: AoD’s copies and beyond. We can’t wait to have you playing and sending us your feedback!

The second news we want to share with you today is that we just got our Product Proof, directly by plane from Eastar! We know that you’ve been asking a lot about box sizes in order to arrange space for them, so we thought it might be a good time to give you a hint.

That what an All-in looks like (but no Rick)

So if you’re a happy All-in Backer that’s what is on its way to your home! We won’t send Rick, our founding member, as we only have one and he’s most precious to us!

We’re also working on more material so that we can show you what’s inside all these boxes. If you were wondering how big of a game Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness really was, now you may have a good idea.

One last important message: if you need to change or update your address, this is the LAST CHANCE to do so. Please send an email to our Customer Service (customerservice@wearecgs.com) so we can assist you.

That’s what we wanted to share for today, but we’ll be coming back soon with more news as soon as we have them. Until then, stick with us on Facebook and Instagram and keep fighting the Darkness!


Team CGS.

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