Eurico Cunha

Co Founder
Game Designer and Sale

Eurico, aka RICO, started working in the tabletop game industry back in 1995, running events and selling games from his home. In 1999, he founded himself Taberna do Dragão, a dedicated game store that used to sell locally in his town (Juiz de Fora, Brazil). In 2004, Taberna focused in online sales and a national distribution of games within Brazil and nowadays Taberna has sold their products for over 10.000 customers within Brazil. Taberna is the exclusive distributors for Q­Workshop in the Brazilian market. Rico is one of the cofounders of CGS and his role here is to design new games.

Rick Bach Cater

Co Founder
Marketing and Customer Relations

Rick has a pure heart and enjoys meeting new people. He is the very cool, very friendly face of CGS. He’s passionate about inspiring people to be their best version of themselves. He doesn’t really need an introduction, but we enjoy talking about him, so we’re going to. His home land is Kauai, the nicest part of Hawaii, where he used to surf and lay at the beach every day with his friends. Rick is one of the co founders of CGS – CREATIVE GAMES STUDIO LLC. He is the responsible for answering any question you may have about CGS or our games, and also responsible for our Marketing. The word “care” really means something to Rick. Get in touch with him, he is a good lad.

Marcio Assis

Co Founder
Business Development and Management

Marcio has an extensive knowledge in international business, global project management, market analysis and finance as he has spent most of his career in the development of projects for companies in the USA, Brazil, Asia and Australia since 1996. He is heavily involved in distinct sectors and have founded different businesses worldwide. Marcio is a specialist in Global Business Management with a degree from the University of California – Gary Anderson School of Management with postgraduate studies in International Marketing and Global Negotiations from the City University of New York ­ Baruch College ­ Zicklin School of Business, USA. He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Business and a MBA in Project Management from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), Brazil. Marcio is a Brazilian national and fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and also an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Marcio is one of the co founders of CGS and his role is to structure the business model and transform the conceptual idea of CGS into an operational and sucessfull business.