How to Play Towers of Arkhanos

The player who last visited a tower grabs the first player dice bag.

Draw 5 random dice in a 4 player game and roll them.

Now he chooses one of those dices and allocates it in a tower with one of his meeples,

The number of pips and color of the selected dice will vary according to the different floors available. On the example above, the Red player sees a floor that requires pink and odd numbers. He grabs a 3 pips pink die and allocates on one of the 3 pillars from that floor.

Each one of the pillars have one special ability that is triggered once you allocate one die on top of it:

IMPORTANT: Meeples that are allocated on other floor pillars don’t trigger special abilities, these abilities are only triggered by allocating dices.

Once he chooses his dice, allocated in a tower and gain the special ability corresponding to the chosen pillar, the player turn ends. Going clockwise around the table, each player does the same on his turn until one die is left on the table.

If, on a player’s turn, he completes the tower (by allocating on the 3rd pillar), that floor is scored. You tally up strength among the players that helped build that floor and whoever has the most strength score more Prestige Points (PP) according with the magic council if it’s one of the towers from the edge of the ruins (towers that are face up) or the one in the middle of the middle (a face down tower):

After distributing the building Prestige Points(PP), every player collects their meeples that were on the floor with dice, and if there’s any meeple that was allocated on a pillar without dice, that meeple is frozen, and stays on the tower for all eternity. After that, draw the next floor from the tower pile and put it on top of the pillars, it’s time to level up a new floor.

If on your turn you don’t have any dice that fits on any of three edge towers (face up floors), you can always use the one in the middle (face down floor). The middle tower is a less powerful tower and can hold any type of dice, no matter his color or number. On another hand, the middle tower is very mystical and grants you powerful skills from your spellbook.

The player gains the spell skill of the numbered dice he used on the middle tower. On the example above, the blue player allocates a number 3 dice on the middle tower, he can get another meeple from his personal supply and put him on the number 3 spell on his spellbook of magics. in future turns, he can return this meeple from his spellbook for his personal supply in order to gain the number 3 ability.

After every player has had their turn, the leftover dice gets put on the Mana Pool player board, marking that the current round is over.

The first player then passes over the first player dice bag to the player on his left and a new round begins. After 8 rounds (in a 4 player game or 9 in a 3 player game) the player with the most Prestige Points (PP) is crowned the greatest wizard of the whole realm and wins the game.