We hope you’re having a splendid summer!
Are you going to Gencon? If you are, come see us at Booth #3029, or even book a demo of Dante or Apocalypse to play with the designer!

There is a lot more exciting news. Read below about our partnership with King of Average, welcome a new CGS team member, share your thoughts in a fresh community discussion with a giveaway, and check out news about our projects and the community.

Meet Us at Gencon — Booth 3029

We’ll be at Gencon, and we’d love to meet you there in person! Come see us in Booth #3029 (see the convention map) and meet Rick, Mauro, Eurico, Marcio, Fize, and Maju from the CGS team.
We have an incredible opportunity for you to be part of something truly special! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting exclusive gameplay sessions with the game designers for both CoD: Apocalypse and Dante. This is your chance to experience the games firsthand, engage with the creative minds behind them, and create unforgettable memories!
You’ll have the unique opportunity to dive deep into the mechanics, strategies, and immersive worlds of these exciting games. It’s the ultimate gaming experience that will leave you inspired and connected to the heart of the games you love.

Community Discussion & Giveaway

Community on Solo Gaming

The last community discussion was about solo gaming, and 1264 people have voiced their opinion! Take a look at what they think in the article below in which we comment on the results.
Also, congratulations to João O. for winning a pledge for Dante! Rick should be in touch with you soon.

New Community Discussion on Storytelling

It is incredibly exciting for us to communicate this way with such a huge part of our community! This is why we want to continue talking to you — this time about storytelling. What do you think about board game stories? Do you like long campaigns or prefer short scenarios?
Join the new discussion and let us and others from the community know! As a thank you, we will give away a pledge from the upcoming campaign for Dante to one random person who participates.

Partnership with The King of Average

We can’t repeat often enough how important the amazing feedback and comments from the community are to us. The primary vision of the CGS studio and the games we develop has always been firmly established on the foundation of the community. Because of this, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience for our backers and supporters. We also explore new options to listen and communicate with you to ensure that every decision we make resonates with the voice of the community.
This is why we are proud to announce a partnership with Michael King, better known as The King of Average, who has been a powerful voice and an outspoken champion of the board gaming community for a long time now. This collaboration will help us increase and incorporate even more feedback into our projects, which will help us improve our games and crowdfunding campaigns with a community-first approach.

New Addition to the CGS Team

You have probably noticed that we have started producing a lot more community-focused content for you to enjoy. A large part of this can be attributed to our new team member, Michal Mikes, who joined CGS to help us with community building and development and to work on the upcoming campaign for Dante.
Michal has been working in the board game industry since 2016. He has plenty of experience running crowdfunding campaigns as well as co-designing and developing games, most notably Project L and its first two expansions. With a strong background in English literature, he is a perfect fit for our storytelling games.
We are excited to have him on board! You can pick his brain on the CGS Community Discord, or meet him later this year at our booth in Essen SPIEL.

Project News


In Update #3, we explore the work-in-progress background of the player characters in more detail, and talk about what lies ahead for us regarding conventions, Print-and-Play Demo Box, Tabletop Simulator, and Forteller.
We expect Dante to launch on Gamefound within Q3 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024.

CoD: Apocalypse

Right now we’re in the final stages of the project. The team is packing the Stretch Goals, and we have also made great progress with the Apocalypse riders. Language CoD is nearly finished, and we are awaiting a new batch of Apocalypse Dice.
Check out all the details in the latest Apocalypse update on Gamefound.


Listen to The King of Average and Herr der Spiele (DE) as they share thoughts while going through the information we have published in the second update for Dante on Gamefound.

Community Highlights

As you know, we originated from and owe our success to the incredible support of our community. Our mission is to foster a nurturing environment that empowers others to pursue their dreams. Today, we want to introduce you to Michał, the brilliant mind behind Board Meister. Board Meister is a web service that can make designing custom scenarios for board games easy. It works with Chronicles of Drunagor as an open beta, and Michał is now seeking funds to speed up the process of developing this scenario builder for all board games.
To encourage his project’s growth, we’re offering a unique opportunity. By contributing at least 10 euros, you’ll automatically enter a draw to win a copy of Chronicles of Drunagor and Dante.
That’s all from us for now. Come chat with us on Discord or our other social media!
CSG Team

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