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We are here today with the latest news for you all CGS and Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness fans:

CGS has grown!

We now have games for the whole family, and for all ages! Fun games, with CGS creativity and quality. Our goal is to provide entertaining party games for all our costumers! Join us in this new challenge! @fourfungames is a company created to focus on making light, accessible and inclusive games for everyone, so you can enjoy quality boardgaming time with all your friends and family.

Ours first games are already lined up for presentation in Spiel.digital: Candy Wars, Sleepy Cats, and Spelljack – each one packed with fun and fast gameplay for all ages.

Candy Wars is full of 3D action!

In Candy Wars you have to watch your step

If you want to know more about these and future projects, please, follow us in our social media:

Instagram: CGS; Four Fun

Facebook: CGS; Four Fun

“WAIT! But what about Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness?! Will we be able to play it at Spiel.digital?”

ABSOLUTELY!! We got your back!

There will be CoD: AoD at Spiel.digital! Are you itching to take a closer look at the game? Do you want to get a chance to play it?! Than you must come join us from the 22th to the 25th of October!

Don’t let the Darkness win and consume the Web! Join the fray!

We’ll be waiting for you, in Daren!
Come fight the Darkness!

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