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The Dark Tower Expansion is here!!!

Hey everyone, in order to help unlock the Arkhanos Magic Player Board stretch goal, we have 2 new optional add ons to offer …

The wicked witch notice that the power of light was growing at the ruins of Gil-Garoth as the towers started going up, and decide to try and stop the magic schools from harvest the magic stones.

THE DARK TOWER is a expansion from “The Towers of Arkhanos” wich add 3 new modes of play:

  • The SOLO MODE, in wich you try and build the towers before the witch build hers and send her goblins to get in your way;
  • The Witch’s game, a new set of rules to play a game of “The Towers of Arkhanos” in a totally different and fun way.
  • And the grand master special ability cards.

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