Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness production is finished

Creative Games StudioCreatorFebruary 13, 2021Greetings, brave heroes of Daren! It’s probably rather sooner than you were expecting a new update, however, we know that you must be all eager to know the outcome of the shipping situation we mentioned in the previous update. Therefore, regarding the transparency and communication that we did our best to […]

2021’s First update! What is in the Core box?

Greetings, brave heroes of Daren! We hope you all had a great beginning of a new cycle! And wish you all an amazing 2021 where you can keep fighting the Darkness like the heroes you are! We know you all have been expecting for new updates on Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness, and we […]

New Templates and More Trayz!

And here we are, back with more news on Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness! We welcome all of you! We know you’re all eager to have CoD: AoD in your houses, and we’d like to assure you that production has been running smoothly up to now. There is nothing to worry about! Apart from […]

Production Phase and Virtual Demo

Today we want to bring you some good news about the production phase of CoD: AoD and some explanation about the virtual demo of the game announced for SPIEL.digital. A new step of Production Phase We’re glad to announce that the first part of the Production Phase is now officially done! This first step consisted […]

Come meet us and our new project at SPIEL DIGITAL!

We are here today with the latest news for you all CGS and Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness fans: CGS has grown! We now have games for the whole family, and for all ages! Fun games, with CGS creativity and quality. Our goal is to provide entertaining party games for all our costumers! Join […]

Welcome to Drunagor!

Hello explorers, Tired of dungeon crawlers where you just walk, hit, defeat monsters and collect items? We heard your complaints and designed a surprising and unique twist for you. On CoD, you will be able to not only do all that but much more. You will have total control to interact with the room; you […]

Great award we got in Europe

Dear visitor, We are extremely proud to share the news regarding this great award we got in Europe for our latest game Chronicles of Drunagor. We are happy to be here, sharing some of our success with you, our most important fuel! That right, because of you we succeeded and we keep working hard to […]

The dice Tower

With Great Honor, we are sharing the Seal of Approval of The Dice Tower. We have been working had to create, to launch, to fulfill and now to maintain the highest standards! Thank you backer and supporter for allowing us to show what we are capable of.